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  • Machining
  • Deliveries of special paints
  • Deliveries of wooden packaging
  • Deliveries of quick couplers
  • Deliveries of slide, guide, fixed and roller bearings
  • Deliveries of metal, rubber and Teflon pressure hoses
  • Deliveries of protective, exhaust and discharge hoses
  • Delivery of metal and rubber expansion joints
  • Deliveries of spring-loaded and fixed supports
  • Deliveries of coiled hoses for pre-stressed concrete
  • Deliveries of spring-loaded and constant suspensions


We exclusively represent the German company Skodock Metallwarenfabrik GmbH in the Czech Republic, whose tradition dates back to 1930, and the Czech company Elasteflex Lysice spol.s.r.o. for the sale of metal bellows, expansion joints and metal hoses.

We are a partner of the German manufacturer Weckerle Lackfabrik GmbH for the sale of industrial paints and high-quality paints with a history dating back to 1908.